Beds for Lesvos

After some detours, the donated beds have reached their destination.
We couldn’t implement the original plan to use them in stage two camp because there was an objection from the mayor of Lesvos.
Nevertheless, Omar Alshakal von refugees4refugees has found a good alternative use.
The 70 beds and mattress are now in use in Camp Moria.
Here, too, many residents had to sleep on the floor. At least some of them have a bed now.
The beds and mattresses were donated by the city of Hamburg (thanks to Helge Weigand of Hanseatic Help for the mediation).
The transport was organized by Hamburger Hilfskonvoi (thanks to Christian Groho) and ResCO international.
The donors of the Hamburg aid convoy and ResCO international made the transports possible.
Bedding and blankets donated by Hanseatic Help e. V. are on their way.

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